JLC Home Furniture Store UK

Shop Stylish Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway, and Living Room Furniture. Homely comfort of the perfect Furniture is just a few clicks away. The JLC Home Furniture Store has an admirable selection of different Styles. From the beauty of a Velvet Bed to the craftsmanship of a Sleigh Bed or 3 door Wardrobe with lower Drawers, there is a range of Furniture Collections to match all desires. A King Size Bed is the ideal solution for an extra fresh feel in the Home, suited for a wide room. While a Lamp Table with an Chest of Drawers would lovingly fit into another. Size does not matter, if the room is styled correctly less is more. For Homes with larger Rooms a Super King Size Bed, Double Wardrobe, Dressing Table and a Blanket box would achieve a much more desired appeal. A Super King size bed can also be used in a guest Room to really show your gratitude towards their company. Some of the most popular and desired Beds are the Velvet Beds with high, Flared Headboards. For the convenience of having extra Storage, Wardrobes with Storage are ideal because they feature lower bottom Drawers. Paired with form and function, a Sideboard with top hutch (Dresser) often features Drawers and Doors on both the lower Dideboard and upper A hutch...a smart way of keeping the neccesaries out of sight and your most treasured trophies and ornaments on full display. When looking for ultimate comfort, consider an Upholstered Bed, or Accent Chair. From the front to the back our Accent Chairs are covered in rich fabrics, just like our Beds, Velvet gives a soft touch feel along with a fixating effect that produces darker under tones as you move around the room. These days practicalities seem to lead the way when styling your home, this is why we offer furniture collections for all rooms in your home with practical solutions that are as affordable, as they are priceless. Be it an Extendable Dining Table for entertaining guests, a Coffee Table to store the papers inside, or Display Cabinet to show it all off, take a look around the store and you'll find a perfect match and because most of our Furniture Collections are fully, or pre assembled items, you won't need a maker.